Now-a-days, considering the number of coaching institutes mushrooming across the different parts of the country there is a general perception that opening up of coaching institute is a lucrative business. This perception is true to a certain extent as many of such institutes have lost their real purpose & the service attitude and their only aim is to make exorbitant profits by making tall claims & false promises and charging hefty fees. We at MERCURY ACADEMY strongly believe that imparting knowledge at reasonable cost is part of our social responsibility and we are committed to our beliefs.

Keeping the aforesaid ideology in mind, we at MERCURY ACADEMY have built a platform for a comprehensive understanding of the subjects & help developing strategies to meet arduous competitions among the students to compete, succeed and excel in field of competition oriented education. As we all aware that these exams are not mere test of knowledge and information but aims at evaluating a candidate’s ability to present his answer in the most direct logical, constructive and analytical manner. We will provide successful support (result oriented teaching and association) to students preparing for the Medical and Engineering entrance exams through participatory teaching methods and interactive learning process with a view to enable them face the entrance exams with confidence.